Workshop on Aquaculture in the Black Sea: Potential And Opportunities, on 24-26 October 2017

“Workshop on Aquaculture in the Black Sea: Potential And Opportunities" will be organized by the Central Fisheries Research Institute of Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey in Trabzon. The workshop, supported by General Directorate of Agricultural Researches and Policies, General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture, General Directorate of European Union and External Relations, Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation will be held at the Park Dedeman Otel on 24-26 October 2017.

Within the scope of the workshop, the researchers will address the current aquaculture situation in countires with coasts to the Black Sea and possible collaboration opportunities. Technical presentations will be delivered within the scope of; water resources, cage fish farming, fish farming in the pools, biotechnological applications in aquaculture and cultivation of alternative species. On the last day of the workshop, a technical trip will be organized to the aquaculture facilities in Trabzon province..

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